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LH-crypto has completed sending the tokens to the participants of the Crowdsale
We have completed sending tokens to everyone who bought LHcoin coins within our sale! We have sent basic, bonus and referral charges to your ETH wallets.

We would like to draw your attention once again to the fact that the participants, whose account had less than 100 coins, did not receive tokens – to save this coins a reserve fund was created since undold tokens will be burned, as indicated in our White Paper.
Mikhail Khazin spoke about the prospects of the crypto industry
Mikhail Khazin shared his opinion on the prospects of the crypto industry and gave a comment on the ICO of LH-Crypto and the creation of the crypto broker! The expert noted that today we are facing an objective process of destruction of the global dollar ecosystem. At the same time, everyone understands perfectly well that it is impossible to create something from scratch with some willful effort and it is the crypto currency that can help reform the current economic system. Cryptobroker LH-Crypto. Watch the video interview on our YouTube channel https://youtu.be/ApkyPtju9SU
The exchange Token.store has launched a trades of the token LHCoin
The decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Token.store has started trading the coin LHCoin. The token holders can now transfer them to a new exchange at the following address token.store/trade/LHC. We would like to recall that within the frameworks of the ICO of the first crypto-broker, we havemanaged to attract more than $10 000 000. Tokensale of the project took place from October to the 31 of January 2018. Now LHCoin is trading on the following exchanges: ETHERDELTA - https://etherdelta.com/. YOBIT - https://yobit.net/en/trade/LHCOIN/BTC. IDEX https://idex.market/eth/lhcoin. BTC-Alpha https://btc-alpha.com/exchange/LHCoin_USD/.
LH-Crypto team visited Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018
The MAC conference is an international conference on CPA in the CIS. Its participants are more than 2500 people from 60 countries at all. This year the conference organizers paid special attention to the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

For us, visiting MAC is a great opportunity to choose quality contractors and new technologies to promote the first crypto-broker.
LH-Crypto representatives visited the #Decenter Cryptoevent exhibition
#Decenter Cryptoevent is the largest international blockchain forum in Europe, which takes place in the Russian capital's Expocenter! This is a two-day blockchain exhibition, where over than 100 companies of the crypto industry!

This is a new event format, which combines the exhibition of projects, their professional review and networking. LH-Crypto team has met with specialists in the field of blockchain technology, smart contracts developers and analysts.
BTC-Alpha cryptocurrency exchange has launched trading of LHCoin!
The sale and purchase of coins is already available for coin holders here btc-alpha.com/exchange/LHCoin_BTC Recall that within the frameworks of the ICO of the project, we have managed to attract more than 10 000 000 US dollars for the development and launch of the crypto broker.

The work in this direction has already begun – we have presented a working prototype of the future cryptobroker and now we are actively working to expand the presence of our coins on the exchanges.
Larson & Holz Partners with Genesis Vision
Genesis Vision is the first platform for the private trust management market, built on Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts. Genesis unifies exchanges, brokers, traders and investors into a decentralized network, making the financial market even more global and transparent.

As part of this partnership Larson & Holz plans to cooperate with Genesis Vision as a traditional broker and LH-Crypto. We are certain, this partnership will help develop and popularize brokerage services even more.