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BTC-Alpha cryptocurrency exchange has launched trading of LHCoin!
The sale and purchase of coins is already available for coin holders here btc-alpha.com/exchange/LHCoin_BTC Recall that within the frameworks of the ICO of the project, we have managed to attract more than 10 000 000 US dollars for the development and launch of the crypto broker.

The work in this direction has already begun – we have presented a working prototype of the future cryptobroker and now we are actively working to expand the presence of our coins on the exchanges.
Larson & Holz Partners with Genesis Vision
Genesis Vision is the first platform for the private trust management market, built on Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts. Genesis unifies exchanges, brokers, traders and investors into a decentralized network, making the financial market even more global and transparent.

As part of this partnership Larson & Holz plans to cooperate with Genesis Vision as a traditional broker and LH-Crypto. We are certain, this partnership will help develop and popularize brokerage services even more.
LH-Crypto Finished Bonus Tokens Distribution
You may remember that our company to distribute bonus tokens among the project’s investors if the ICO campaign is successful: 500,000 tokens after the ICO, and 500,000 more one year after if the amount raised is less than $10,000,000, and 1,000,000 tokens after the ICO with another 1,000,000 if the campaign brings in over $10,000,000.

Today LH-Crypto distributed all the coins between the project’s supporters. The bonuses can be viewed in your personal account under the “Gift tokens” category. Before 25 February 2018 these tokens will be sent directly to the participants wallets.
Conversion of bounty tokens of the project LHCoin
We are combining the balances of bounty and the standard tokens of the project. To transfer LHCoin_b to LHCoin tokens, you need to log into your wallet and run the conversion procedure. You can carry out this procedure after the receipt of coins to your wallet and if you have ETH on your balance to pay for the transaction. The procedure is extremely simple and will not take you much time.

Step-by-step instructions on how to convert tokens are posted on our website, and if you have any questions you can ask them in your personal account on the website of our project.
Early Bird Bonus Withdrawal
We are happy to inform you that Early Bird Bonus is available for withdrawal. Now you can visit your Personal Area on our site, the Early Bird Bonus section, and activate the Withdrawal button. According to the 3.2 paragraph of our “Terms and Conditions”, all the Early Bird Bonuses will be instantly converted to LHCoin tokens at the best exchange rate of our ICO: 1 LHCoin = 0,1287 USD. Please convert your bonuses to tokens by the 15th of February. All the bonuses, including Early Bird Bonus, Referral Bonuses and Gift Bonuses will be sent to investors’ wallets by the 25th of February.
LH-CRYPTO talks about plans for the future
LHCoin is represented on the stock exchanges ETHERDELTA and YOBIT and in the near future the number of exchanges will be increased. Also we will carry out a procedure KYC (know you client) to enter such exchange as POLONIEX и BITTREX. The website of crypto-broker will be launched in April, and in June we are planning to deploy our own nodes and to organize live processing for major crypto-currencies on the accounts of LH-CRYPTO. In July – August we will begin to accept customer funds for margin trading and activate the CASHBACK program.
The ICO of the project has been completed!
According to the results of the vote which we carried in the chat rooms of Telegram, it was decided to conclude the promotion "Extra time" ahead of time. Thus, we are concluding our ICO on the 1 of February.

Thank you for being with us. The result obtained in the course suggests that the project is really needed by society. In the next few days we will sum up, will check the correctness of bonuses, referrals and assessments from the program early bird and will continue sending tokens to the wallets of the users!