What is ICO?

Initial Coin Offering is a release of any project coupons, or tokens, which can be used later to pay for the services of the site - in the form of a crypto currency.

Why is investing at the ICO stage beneficial?

Tokens are sold at a discount. The earlier is the ICO stage, the lower the price.

What currencies can I invest in the project?

We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, we also accept fiat money (with certain restrictions).

How do I register an Ethereum wallet?

We recommend the source www.myetherwallet.com to create a personal wallet. You can create a multi-currency wallet. Detailed instructions for creating and replenishing the wallet here.

How do I replenish the wallet of Ethereum?

You can buy Ethereum on crypto-currency exchanges. There are many other exchangers, but if you have not worked with them before, we recommend you to check the reviews about them carefully beforehand. IMPORTANT! Unverified exchanger or exchange platform may be a phishing site (a fraud)!

If you plan to purchase large amounts of tokens, then it will be necessary to pass the identification procedure for registration on the exchange platform . You will need to send documents to verify your account. It may take the site several days to check your documents.

How do I register a Bitcoin wallet?

We recommend to use https://www.blockchain.com/ to create a wallet. Find a thorough instruction to create and replenish a wallet here.

How do I replenish the wallet of Bitcoin?

You can buy Bitcoin on crypto-exchange exchanges. There are many other exchangers, but if you have not worked with them before, we recommend that you carefully review the reviews about them. IMPORTANT! Unverified exchanger or exchange may be a phishing site!

If you plan to purchase large amounts, then for registration on the exchange it will be necessary to pass the identification procedure. You will need to send documents to verify your account. Check may take several days.

Do u need to do something to see tokens in ur wallet?

Go to your wallet and click Add Custom Token
Enter the address of the smart contract 0x0778Cc2E8bBAd3d483E82371606D100cc8604522 or 0x360D2A5a9fC457F084b1379056a1A36d4Bf57546 (bounty tokens)
Specify a character: LHCoin
Decimals: 8
Or for bounty tokens
Enter the address of the smart contract 0x360D2A5a9fC457F084b1379056a1A36d4Bf57546 (bounty tokens)
Specify a character: LHCoin_b
Decimals: 8
ATTENTION! Tokens will be added to your wallet until February 25

Can I keep buying tokens? There are more than 20 000 000 LHC sold…

Yes, you can! The fact that the amount of investments has surpassed 2 mln USD does not mean that pre-ICO is over! From now on LHCoin price increases with each investment. Overall, there are 20 mln tokens released for PRE ICO, yet the exact price of tokens will be defined on the 3rd of December, as a quotient of the total amount of investments by the number of PRE ICO tokens (20’000’000). It means that the number of tokens in Personal Areas of our investors will decrease with each investment into the project, while the price of tokens will grow. Still, there are no limits for investment during PRE ICO. There are enough tokens for everyone, since the total amount of tokens is divided among PRE ICO investors depending on the amount of their investment. During ICO the total amount of investments and, therefore, tokens is strictly limited. This is why you have to purchase tokens before the 2nd of December. At the ICO stage, which will start on the 4th of December, there may be no tokens left for everyone!

Why is it beneficial to invest during the ICO? What is and Early Bird Bonus?

We have divided the ICO into 3 stages: PRE ICO, ICO and POST ICO.

Each of them will take one month. The initial funds will be raised during the first stage. The amount of the raised funds will define the token price.

As any other company, we are interested in acquiring the largest amount possible. This is why we want to reward those who invest large sums first.

Therefore, we have come to a conclusion that the PRE ICO investors will have our tokens for the lowest price (the exact price is calculated after the PRE ICO), and then the price will go up by 5%, 10%, 15% and 21% each week. Usually ICO owners either take all the profits of price rise or invest them into the project. But we have chosen a different path!

Our smart contract will distribute the price mark-up to the investors every week of the ICO.

The 5%-mark-up will be distributed among the investors who purchased tokens during the PRE ICO stage. The following week the price will go up by 10%, which will be distributed among the PRE ICO tokens holders and those who will have purchased token during the first week of the ICO, etc.

When will you pay the Early Bird Bonus?

Early Bird Bonus, as well as the referral bonuses in ETH, are shown in your Personal Area on our site; they will be available after ICO finishes.

What guarantees do you give to your investors?

Traditionally, investors expect to earn on the increased market value of a token. And what if a token doesn�t go up in price?

Usually investors take all the risks. But not in our project!

We are so confident about the success of our project that we take the responsibility to keep the yearly profit from our tokens at the level of 20%.

We guarantee minimum profitability is given this way:

The broker will provide a Personal Area and will register a real trading account for each ICO investor. This account is registered in Metatrader as any other account of the broker�s clients.

The account can be used just like a conventional trading account, i.e. investors can put a deposit, withdraw funds and make trading deals. Yet the main purpose of this account is to show the purchased tokens and the funds flow connected to the #LHCoin.

If a year later, after the #LHCoin token goes to the market, its price will not have increased by at least 20%, then the broker will accrue the shortfall to the investor�s personal account as a bonus, according to the broker�s standard terms. You can change it for any other asset from the broker�s list, trade with it or withdraw it from your account, according to the standard rules and regulations of the broker. This system of keeping the token market price at a certain level is called �Token Rate Insurance System�.

Main advantages of our project:

1.We already have a working business model. Moreover, it has a long history and we have a large client base.

2.Larson&Holz is not just a web-site, it is a real company. We have been in the market since 2004, we have a large number of offices and partners in different countries of Asia, Europe and Latin America. Over a hundred first-rate professionals, fluent in 10 languages, are employed by the Company.

3.We only need to adjust the current efficient business model and the marketing campaign to the crypto-environment.

4.ICO is designed to bring profit to the investors immediately after the PRE ICO stage. This is called the �Early Bird Bonus�.

5.Token holders� revenue depends on the asset market price growth and on the fixed part of the incoming payments flow to the crypto broker�s account. In every way this is similar to dividend payments. These pay-outs are warranted by the smart contract. And this is �CASHBACK�.

6.Since we already have an effective and profit making broker, we can provide unique guarantees for our token holders. The min. token yield we guarantee during the first year is 20%. And this is the �Token Rate Insurance System�.

7.Our clients are active Internet users, their financial resources are limited and they look for a chance to earn profit online. Therefore, among our target audiences is the huge crypto-currency community.

What new technologies did you use for this project?

We raise funds to create a crypto version of an existing Forex broker. We are planning to launch an additional branch of the broker with all the operations processed in crypto-currencies only.

In other words, the clients� deposits, replenishments, withdrawals and other operations will be processed in crypto-currencies only. At the final stage of the project these transactions will be processed in broker�s tokens.

This minor modernization will radically change the broker�s economy.

We believe that in a year the new broker's business division will outrun its existing prototype and will bring great profits both to its investors and the owners.

Will the token go to the global exchange markets? When, if so? Which exchange markets will have #LHCoin tokens?

We are planning to bring our tokens to at least three exchange markets. Larson&Holz is a real broker, so it is already integrated with a number of exchange markets.

The exchange market administrations will have a share of bounty tokens from a special pool. This is done to make our tokens more attractive. Since the tokens come to several exchange markets at the same time, we expect to have most favourable conditions we do not announce the market names until the trading is on. Let's just say that these are exchange markets of different regulation policies, including onshore and offshore, so that the regulation risks for token holders were hedged to their minimum.

Is it possible to mine this token?


If I make investments, where is it indicated?

In the Investor's Personal Area.

Where is your headquarters office?

Larson&Holz is a group of companies which includes several legal bodies with the same name.

All the technical management is provided by the Larson&Holz partner in Moscow, 'CCM LLC' (Moscow Consulting Company).

Phone +852 30156832

Does GitHub or any other hosting service monitor your project?

Yes, we will share our smart contract code on GitHub.

How much does a token cost?

Token price will be determined at the end of every stage of the sale. In particular, PRE ICO results will define the #LHCoin token price as follows:

The total amount of the proceeds for the whole PRE ICO is divided by the number of tokens, 20 000 000.

However, the minimal price of the #LHCoin token has to exceed 0,1 USD.

How to earn on your token?

You can earn on the token rate growth and by taking part in special programs: Early Bird Bonus, Cashback Program, Referral Program.

Where can I meet the developers and the sponsors?

Our site contains a list of conferences and exhibitions we are planning to attend.

How to invest?

You can invest funds in your Personal Area on the site.

Is there any reward for attracting other investors? Any referral program?

You can earn by simply recommending our company.to other clients.

For each investor we either pay 3% of the acquired sum in ETH or we pay this sum in Bounty tokens (#LHCoin_B) at the ratio 1:10. If the investor you have invited purchases 100 #LHCoin tokens, you receive 10 Bounty tokens (#LHCoin_B).

You can choose the type of your reward: either in crypto-currency (ETH) or in #LHCoin_B tokens.

In order to take part in our referral program you simply get registered on our site. Once the registration is complete, you get a 6-digit code. You can attract new investors to the project by sharing the information about our company and posting the following link to our site: https://lh-crypto.com/your_code. For instance, your code is 123456, then your link is https://lh-crypto.com/123456.

After one follows this link, his or her computer gets marked with a special code, the so-called cookie. Then later, if this person, i.e. you referral, buys our tokens, you will be rewarded for it and will see your referral in your Personal Area.

Where is your company registered?

Who are the developers (the founders)?

You can find the information about our developers and our founders on our site, the section 'Our Team'.

What is the total amount of tokens?

100 mln tokens.

What inflation do you expect?

7 reasons for #LHC tokens to grow:

#LHCoin is supported by the efficient Larson&Holz business.

#LHCoin � is a token with a monthly income from operational activity. It is known as CASHBACK.

#LHCoin is a token with limited issue, smart contract implies that all the remaining tokens are destroyed after the ICO is over.

#LHCoin is a token, which is guaranteed to grow in price (at least 20% annually); the broker provides the insurance by accruing bonuses to Larson&Holz accounts. This system is called �Token Rate Insurance System�.

#LHCoin is a token which we plan to introduce to at least three of the world�s TOP-10 exchange markets.

#LHCoin is a token that at the final stage of the project will be accepted by the broker as a means of payment.

#LHCoin is a token with the market value supported through direct investments into the marketing budget from the Larson&Holz parent institutions (we invest our funds just as our investors do).

How can I register?

You can register on our site.

Can I change the e-mail which I used for registration?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the e-mail address. The e-mail serves as a user id, the wallet is connected to the e-mail address.

What is the minimum amount for investment?

You can purchase tokens in your Personal Area on the site LH-CRYPTO.COM.

We accept Ethereum, Bitcoin and bank wires. We recommend you to pay with Ethereum, so that the process was fully automated. With this means of payment tokens will be received instantly.

If you pay for tokens with Bitcoin or via bank wire, then the processing may take up to 24 hours.

Bank wires are only available to verifies users with more than $10'000 to invest.

Ethereum and Bitcoin payments are available for everybody and have no restrictions. The minimum volume of purchase is 1/10 Ethereum and 1/100 Bitcoin.

What is the maximum amount for investment?

You can invest as much as you choose!

Can I use credit cards to buy tokens (VISA, MASTERCARD, USD, bank wires)?

Yes, to do so please choose the corresponding section in the Personal Area on our site.

Is your company a scam?

No. The company has been in the market since 2004.

How can I sell your tokens?

After the ICO is over and the token is released to the exchange market, you will be able to sell it there.

Will you have any mobile apps?


What will you do with the unsold tokens?

All the unsold tokens will be destroyed.

What Bounty program do you have?

30% of our tokens go to the Bounty program. You can find more details on our Bounty branch on Bittalk forum.

When do you expect to bring tokens to the market? What are the exchange markets?

We are planning to make agreements with at least 3 exchange markets from the top-10 list short after the ICO is over; we will offer tokens for sale on the secondary market within 1-9 months after the end of the ICO.

Where are the tokens accrued? When will I have them?

To receive tokens, regardless of the means of payment, you will need to have an Ethereum wallet. You can instantly register an Ethereum wallet on numerous online sources for free. We recommend https://www.myetherwallet.com/.After the transfer you will see the invested funds in your Personal Area. After the funds are received, the smart contract will send the tokens to your Ethereum wallet. The speed of the procedure depends on the stage of the ICO and the type of payment. The investors who purchase tokens during the PRE ICO will receive the tokens within 48 hours after the end of the stage. During the ICO the tokens will be sent within 48 hours after the funds accrual.

What will the administration do with the raised funds?

Since the cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and keeping funds in public wallets is not safe enough, the administration will lead the space arbitrage policy. During the PRE ICO and the ICO stages the administration will convert the funds into 5 basic assets � ETHEREUM, BITCOIN, EUR, USD and GBP, which will be kept separately. This is how we are going to save the funds from volatility. When ICO is over the funds will be spent according to the Roadmap.

How can I buy #LHCoin tokens? Are there any restrictions?

You can purchase tokens in your Personal Area on the site LH-CRYPTO.COM. We accept Ethereum, Bitcoin and bank wires. We recommend you to pay with Ethereum, so that the process was fully automated. With this means of payment tokens will be received instantly. In case you purchase tokens with Bitcoin or bank wire the payment processing may take up to 24 hours. Bank wires are only available to verified users with more than $10�000 of the deposit. Ethereum and Bitcoin payments have no restrictions.

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